My first introduction to, Om was by my aunt.  She was picking me up at an airport.  Within minutes I heard her, Ommming.   I asked her what she was doing.  Continue reading


Writing a new CV


A Curriculum Vitae (CV) is an account of one’s career and qualifications. I remember writing one years ago in my professional career days. It listed my education, awards and achievements.  Now I decided to write a new one.  Ha, ha!  Hmm… If you were to compare this one to my former, you’d question if we were the same person.  So, where do I start?  Professional woo woo??  No, that won’t work.  My calling and purpose is real, a gift and needed in this world. Really, it’s not that far of a stretch.  With a Bachelor of Arts in Human Services and a successful and diverse 17 year career in medical social work, my passion has been for the spiritual, medical and mental health mix and wellbeing of all.  Continue reading

The 2012-2015 Wave of Healers and Teachers


As I meditated, I could feel a united group of healers and teachers.  A new group, like the graduating class of 2015.  These past three years have not always been easy in Earth school yet now I feel an excitement. Continue reading

When seeing a psychic doesn’t help…


I mean, it’s supposed to. While some go to a psychic for sheer entertainment, many go seeking advice or closure. I kept thinking about an experience I had years ago. Since it was still in my brain (and doesn’t need to be), I know to write and release. So here’s my story, what I learned and how it shaped me. Continue reading