Music is Life!

It’s been a while since I incorporated music into a blog post.  Today I couldn’t start without it.  Like conversation wasn’t needed as much as music was.  The Universe is a symphony and music is a messenger, vibration, healer and jump starter.  And music has always been one of the best and easiest ways to activate a lightbody/spiritual process (if needed).  So passing along a few songs that are new to me and perfect!

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Music is my Muse

At least today it is 🙂  This is way tooooo cool!  I learned off Spotify (it’s free) from Volume Up.  Thank you my dear soul sister ♥ ♥ ♥.  This so appealed to my inner DJ – before I went to college, I worked at a radio station and DJ’ed dances.  I LOVE music and all types.  I’m feeling really good today and trying something new.  Sending BIG energy your way.  Let’s Jam!

Body + Soul =

Well… you get to decide.  Do you feel alive?  No, really  A-L-I-V-E?  More alive than you normally allow yourself.

See what words you use to describe how you feel right now. Is that a true reflection of your body and soul working together?  Maybe, maybe not. You can change this if you like.  What makes you come alive?? Continue reading