Be in your knowing


Or I could say your process – which may include quite a variety.  While I’ve started a longer post (which I may or may not get back to)… for now, short and sweet.  Some older posts though – just the words/reminders may alone be enough and cover some of the possible current energy. Continue reading

The Notebook


No, not Nicholas Sparks’s… mine.  Both though are a love story.  I started keeping a notebook (like a college student) years ago.  From there I often decided what to write on.  Seriously, you don’t need to know all my crazy thoughts. Continue reading

Where love and light become one.

lighted heart

A cleaning rain storm rolled through just after dinner last night. I then ended up sitting on the deck, on and off, for hours watching lightening that was off in the distance. It was lighting up large segments of the night sky. How simple yet powerful. For me, outdoor time is such an important part of this journey. I journaled and journaled. Continue reading