I don’t think so.  Good day and how are you?  The other day it was like a festive, Welcome to 7D and then the first order of business for me seem to be… a lesson.  Gheez…actually a few and to be honest one of them stumped me a bit.  I’ve been clearing and resolving much with ease for a while now.  Often a simple thought or meditation does the trick.  This one though… Continue reading

Relationship Misunderstood


I’ve had a few of these in my life. Well… let me be honest. I’ve had more relationships misunderstood than understood. Family members, friends, lovers, co-workers and even strangers are just as important since the random and brief interactions can be pivotal in our journey of life.

And then there are the relationships where at one point there was a comfort and understanding and then… Continue reading

Evolving and staying together


Often, when I write, I know what I wish to express.  Then there are times, likes this one, when I think I know… but then what ends up on the paper is very different from my initial intention.  Still, I think it all works out.  This article is on the topic of love and soul mate relationships.  Staying strong together. Continue reading