Haha… A-ha… Same thing


It’s interesting to know what you normally see, day in and day out, and then when there’s a change.  This morning it was simple yet profound as I glanced down a long road.  The end of the road glowed.  Sparkled.  It was this perfect alignment of the clouds and sun.  Ahh – there is light at the end (and it’s within sight)… but of course! Continue reading



The solstice is basically upon us – just a few days away.  We’ve been experiencing powerful blasts of energy for months now.  I also know many of us have been being prepared for…  honestly we have no clue.  Even if you do have a clue, well…  I could use words like embodiment or activation or upgrade or even, union (depending where you are on this journey) yet…

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Sun Language



These past two weeks have been interesting. Just as I finish writing a post, I find myself back at my laptop typing away, again.

It’s 40 degree’s cold here (yes, there are all types of cold) yet I sat in the sun this morning. Oh what a difference just a few minutes made. GET IN THE SUN!! Continue reading