Take care of your temple


Signs are closer than you think. Years ago I only paid attention to the obvious ones that usually happened out in public. At times I’d even go looking for them. Well, you don’t need to do that. Often they happen in your home environment and even closer, in your body. Another shift from looking externally to pulling in. One can get so focused on looking outward that they miss the most important sign right in front of them. Continue reading

Catch and Release


I awoke, writing. There is a place where I write, a lot. So I now know that if I can merge that timeline, I can merge others. You see, I was NOT a writer. I was born with a learning disability and have always been a terrible speller. In this life, I struggled to read and hated to write. So, I’ve had to let go of the dis and just use the ability. Just like dis ease. I choice to just be, ease. Continue reading

Trusting Your Higher-Self


Surfing the Universe by artist, Elena Khomoutova @ lightfromart.com

Okay. I’m pausing already and I haven’t even started to write. This is not like me but I need to take a breath… and make sure I get my words write… oh, right.

I’ve learned so much from channeling.  It is a gift… a skill… and I learn as I go. Continue reading