What is love and light?


I often use these two words interchangeably.  Often as a parting statement like a, sincerely.  Yet… what do they mean?  Well, I seemed to have created an entire blog on it since it can mean, a lot.  But let’s keep this short, simple and sweet and… this is just my humble perspective.  Love = Love… yet think of it as unconditional love… love x 111 (yes, an angel number).  Continue reading

Trust the process

What are you going to do?  I’ve been asked this question several times this past week. Soon I’ll have a decision to make. We all make hundreds of decisions each day and for the most part, it’s automatic and easy. This decision though seems a bit… bigger. The old me would already be laboring the pros and cons. Continue reading

Don’t Forget Your Crown.


I often try to find a picture that I feel matches my article.  I looked online and loved this picture.  The artwork is by Sundara Fawn and I reached out to her to ask if I could use her picture.  She responded with a, yes and I love how the Universe brings people together.  So please check out her site at:  www.sundarafawn.com

So I wanted to write a quick reminder.  Often things come up on my own journey yet I know if I share, it might assist another.  I do try to check in on my energy centers (or chakra’s) often.  Continue reading

A LOVE and LIGHT craft project


I needed a craft project today.  I am not an artist but I still like to try.  Years ago, I tried to create pieces and sell them.  I then learned what the, starving artist phrase meant.   But it was a good way to get my creative juices flowing.  It felt good to create something.  So from time to time, as a hobby, I dabble.  So…  Continue reading

A Spiritual Fortune Cookie

FortuneCookieI’ve always loved fortune cookies.  And too often the message was, spot on.  I actually started to write this article 10 months ago when I was used to writing manuscripts.  I wanted to say in a page how spirituality can change your life.   Writing a short piece was a real challenge for me then.  For me, writing is a form of expression and often takes a while to set up… warm up, fully examine the topic and come to the best closure.  I also seem to go off on tangents, this being similar to my own spiritual journey.  I will share what living a spiritual lifestyle has done for me.  My journey has many stories and thoughts but I will try to keep this short and sweet. Continue reading