Spinal Upgrade Update


Many are going through upgrades/processes at this time and this one seems to be what I am experiencing.  While this might not be your particular issue, the general messages may still assist.

I awoke one morning and my lower back felt, tight.  I hadn’t done anything to warrant the symptom but I seem to know to expect the unexpected.  So for a few days it was difficult to bend and oh my, one will realize how much movement/your body does when you’re not at your norm.  It did subside but then seemed to come back… Continue reading



On a roll.  I write when it flows.  There was something I needed to surrender today.  Trust that my word choice means something.  Let go = let go.  Literally.  Drop it, slam dunk it, donate it, send it on its way… with a smile.  It can be easy and quick.  Forget about it (with accent).  I do understand at times easier said than done.  Detachment = be neutral.  It’s not that you don’t care, it’s just best to remain very open.  Surrender = S……  something is about to get real up in here, lol.  It is like a knee dropping moment.  It is not defeat.  Far from it.  It is a very divine and special moment.  You came here to have these moments.  Knowing that you have done the absolute best you could and you are to hand it over to Spirit/God/Source/The Universe. Continue reading

Bats and Butterflies and…


Dallas??  Yes, all of this is on my mind and in my reality. I awoke several times overnight and early this morning feeling as if I could get up yet, knew I needed sleep.  After yesterday and all the energy, wowziers, so I felt like I kept putting myself back to sleep. I finally arose and seemed to have Dallas on my mind.  One could say I choose to align to that reality yet it was the farthest from my reality yesterday.  Continue reading