I often oscillate in my writing styles.  At time I relay from the human/HUman perspective.  As it is happening.  Change/transformation.  Other times as a channel/vessel/messenger… in knowing.  Oh many ways and seeing all as divine! Continue reading

Be light and happy go lucky

Okay… a check-in about the current energy.  I’d like to keep this, light.  And as I was about to write as I normally would, I found myself pausing – aware that some are on alert/heightened/sensitive.  Oh please breathe with me.  All.  Is.  Well.   We’ve rode these waves and into the unknown for years now.   Yes, it does seem different/pretty much non-stop… and that alone can be/seem overwhelming.  It can also be…

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The things that make us.


Today is my older son’s birthday. A St. Patrick’s Day baby. The years have gone too fast. I knew I wanted to be a mother but the depth of my love for my children sometimes even surprises me. I have every reason to be proud of this young man. He truly has been a blessing to me. We have grown up together and I am so lucky! I don’t necessary need the St. Patty’s Day reminder. Continue reading