Oh an interesting date and set of numbers if you like numerology.  Zero = Zero so, 812 218.   😉  Like a balancing of 11/11 energy.  So this will be short and sweet lights and loves as life is happening and upgrades, too, that need to be honored.  So just a few quick things to share. Continue reading

Day Dreams


At times in life it seems as if there is a delay.  I try to look at these moments as what is the Universe offerings in the now.  Yet I find our mind often floats to the future/other reality.  So then what is the reason one is being held in their current reality?  Density, yes!  If you can figure out how to lighten that up, you will float along. Continue reading

Fairy Godmother Aspect


A few weeks ago an intuitive friend said to me, your fairy godmother is circling around you. She wants you to know that she’s with you. I burst out in laughter. My first guide who came to me years ago was a Fairy Godmother. Yup! True. A cross between Wizard of Oz and Disney. I snapped out of meditation and was actually, frustrated. I was thinking all of this was such, crap, lol. I was awaiting to see a wise sage or Indian guide. Continue reading