Medication… Meditation

The other day as I went to write meditation, instead wrote, medication… well in ways… same thing.  Everything can become a meditation.  Doing laundry, dishes, taking a shower, walking.  It’s just a small shift in energy.  One could say being mindful… or a bit more conscious… in a certain energy… rhythm of life.  Continue reading

Lawn Mower Meditation



Well, I’m fresh off a lawn mower.  I’ve done my fair share of meditating on one.  With the sun out, the hum of the motor and the rhythm of going back and forth… and yes, on occasion, I make crop circles and designs.  While I’ve had a variety of lawn mowers over my life, this one is the slowest.  Yet, I’m grateful to have it.  So it reminds me to slow down, there is no rush.  The job will get done. Continue reading

Walking in life and meditation


Just letting you know I’m think of you.  Yes, YOU!  I personally awoke and realized my mind had been wrestling with the Universe overnight.  We have a choice in each moment and this didn’t feel like the right way to start my day.  I sat outside in the sun and then found my happy place.  Nothing is wrong.  There is no rush.  Let’s remember our essence.  Let’s remember our grace.  We are the light.  Breathe.  Open.  Love.  Repeat.  Have a blessed day.  I love you.


So after a few weeks of trying some new things, the cord got pulled last night. I collapsed onto the couch. It’s not that I was ill or exhausted but it was clear I was to, chill. Years ago I received messages about, being enough. Doing enough. I thought of my signs. Twice yesterday a vehicle backed into the neighborhood. This is not the norm. I knew it was time to pull back in. Continue reading



Okay Loves, how are you doing?

For days now I’ve felt, heavy. Not in mood just a bit irritable in my own skin or like I’m walking through wet concreate and willing and needing to take a nap. All of this is not like me. I laid in meditation and it felt like all of my chakra’s had… stopped. Yikes! What is going on? Spirit isn’t even whispering to me. Really, everything is all good. So I think I’m holding verse being on hold. No news is good news.  Anchoring what feels like a mother load of new, yet very unknown (to my mind) energy. Continue reading

Be open… no, more open than that


I only got a few hours of sleep last night. Here it’s windy, cold and raining sideways and I’m grateful for a warm house and cup of coffee.

I’m encouraging all to be open to new gifts. I’ve noticed an increase in my sight, smell and touch. It seems like the Universe is saying, what do you think about this? Wondering if we’ll welcome and then practice these skills or, if we’ll dismiss them. I’m also betting many who haven’t been in touch with their 6th sense will be having what they’d consider strange experiences. You might overhear some stories so if you can, be the one who points them in the right direction; support and encourage. When you’re open, watch new windows and doors open.  Continue reading

Connecting to the Lite Brite Grid


A “call” from Spirit can come in many ways. A knowing, from watching a youtube, in something you read, a sign, your Spirit Guide nudging you along or even when you’re finally realize your soul is screaming at you. There are reminders and invitations in each moment yet one has to be ready. So if you are reading these words and have been looking for a sign – here it is. Continue reading