Honoring the… paUSe


While not all, many are yet again at a pause.  So I will share from a few different levels.  Often in this journey, it is busy and intense enough… and then a leveling out.  This may be a sign that one has done their work/part.  For now/the moment, lol.  It may be very welcomed.  A time to take a breathe, regroup, catch up… and even play!  Yet at times if one has gotten used to the pretty much non-stop energy/steps/Spirit stimuli… it can feel awkward… or like, what the…??  what’s next and when – let’s just keep rolling! Continue reading

Unanchor and float


So… where to begin.  This might be the first mercury retrograde that I’m still getting all sorts of messages. Usually I’d be in what I referred to as a, personal spiritual lull. And trust me, I’ve truly felt each one. I’d receive spirit whispers if another needed a message but nothing for me. So I’d ponder, reflect, live my life and at times panic wondering when the messages would start again. The last two retrogrades my higher- self was available so now I can see the progression.  I wonder if this is a perk of 5D.  I’ll take it! Continue reading

7th Inning Stretch


As a writer, I write when I feel good and… terrible.  Emotions seem to fuel.  I also write when I’m confused and when I have absolute clarity.  I awoke too early this morning having to use the bathroom.  Gheez, how much water did I drink before going to bed?  I had to chuckle to myself.  Let… it… flow.  And so my day begins before sunrise. Continue reading