Each day… each minute, we have a choice.  Focus on the positive.  Work with what you do have… which is actually, a lot!  This is just a reminder since often we focus on, problems.  You will find a solution.  So for now, set it free from your mind jail.  Be grateful for all the things that are working your way.  Don’t spoil the day.  Focus on the positive.

Emotions and the Spiritual Journey

Years ago, when I first heard of being a spiritual person, my mind could conjure images of one who decided to take a vision quest of sorts, or a hippie-like relaxed state of mind and being or a wise guru who sat in a meditative pose.  I always saw it as being quiet and peaceful.  Well, let me tell you, there is another side.  It’s not just the anger aspect, at times its rage.  So I wanted to title this post, Rage and the Spiritual Journey – Getting REAL! But I wondered if people would dismiss it.  Often there is a lesson in what you dis – miss. Continue reading