A new level in your souls journey

I’ve been away… yet… it’s one of the things I love about  “the”  and my journey.  Life happens.  Since starting this blog it’s been a balance.  With each moment/step/leveling up, so comes on a personal level, too.  Some are easy… Continue reading

Star codes


It’s always interesting what and when words resonates.  I do remember years ago looking up starseeds yet this journey will also quickly move one along.  Now though star origins as a topic seems to be back and possibly of importance.  To know self … and us better and in new ways.  Continue reading

Your path, your peace/piece


I’ve always had a spiritual teacher. In my 20’s it was just by knowing two people who, believed. Then for years it was via books and audio CD’s that I squeezed into the quieter moments of a very busy life. Then I was blessed (yet I didn’t always see it this way) with the gift of time and often watched youtubes and to listen to telecasts. Wonderful how much free stuff is out there. Continue reading

All together now


Years ago I reached out to likeminded. Again and again though, I felt that I was put in my place. I was not to be in their space. While I could see their gifts, their ego also rode shotgun. I kept thinking, we’re all supposed to be working together. No threat. We each have our unique gift and are to come together like a puzzle. Although I was surprised and disheartened at the time, this did serve a purpose. That was not my tribe. And I then had the opportunity to pull in and really dig deep. To know. Continue reading

Lightworkers and Suicide


YES!  These two words go together. Yet, you’d think they wouldn’t. Many have experienced and written on, The Dark Night of the Soul.  For some it can be darker than they ever imagined and that darkness can linger or sneak back up on them. When I read other articles, they never said anything about suicidal thoughts.  Continue reading