Just a quick checking in with a few random thoughts and whispers.  It seems as if rapid shifting is ahead.  This though could be now… or weeks from now.  The guidance was to not get too attached because… much will change.  As if overnight and possibly in a completely different direction.  I then heard, It might just surprise you what you’ve been working on in the XD… multidimensional.  This would be true for all of us.  New realities are emerging. Continue reading

Animal Signs: Hawk, Mole & Fox

Okay… there has been a significant change in the energy.  An upswing.  And today is flying by!  And speaking of… just sharing some of the signs I am seeing.  I often see a variety of birds in flight but the other evening a visitor landed in the back yard.  Quite rare.  Pic is a bit fuzzy (haha, literally) but I was surprised and happy she waited long enough for me to grab my camera.


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