Move… with Spirit

I had a small a-ha last night.  I was glancing back over my posts.  In my own spiritual journey there have been “seasons” of staying.  Extended periods of time of digging deep.  Really deep.  Awakening is not for sissie’s.  Continue reading

Where is home?


I’ve been on a spiritual journey for several years now. There did seem to be a defining time frame when I kicked it from a curiosity and interest to a passion and lifestyle. Interesting the timing. During this time I was also moving… and then I moved again… and I’ve been looking to move a third time. Third times a charm, right? I guess you could say that I need to experience a few things. I needed to be a free spirit.  I am grateful for the experiences and I’ve learned, a lot!  So finally, I’m clear about many things. This is awesome! Continue reading