Welcome to The Mystery


I sat in meditation.  On the back deck under the sun on a fall morning.  I could feel both the crispness of the air and the warm sun.  I chuckled though because it just felt like summer the other day.  Change and contrast is in the air as I breathe.  It’s easy to fall in love in these moments.  No matter what is going on, meditation brings me back to center.  Yet, often so does a hug, a smile and laughter.  In meditation, I could feel the power of whatever is next.  Yet it is now.  It wasn’t definable to my mind and I am okay with this.  It’s the mystery.  The Universe’s story and I am just one of many players… well, let’s say artists.  We all are.  Continue reading

It’s worth it!


I am feeling blissfully happy in this moment and I’m not sure, why.  Oh… because I’m alive.  Yes, that is a good enough reason.  Something is happening and I’m not sure what it is.  Really, I don’t need to name it.  That’s what this journey is about – these undefinable moments.  Continue reading