Medication… Meditation

The other day as I went to write meditation, instead wrote, medication… well in ways… same thing.  Everything can become a meditation.  Doing laundry, dishes, taking a shower, walking.  It’s just a small shift in energy.  One could say being mindful… or a bit more conscious… in a certain energy… rhythm of life.  Continue reading

Do we realize…?


Some time ago I wrote a post, this isn’t your momma’s spirituality.   And it isn’t.  I was taking a moment today to absorb what’s been happening to many over the past few years now.  I also paused again at the word, unprecedented.  Yup.  This is not about being psychic, a medium, channel, life couch, healer or teacher.  Although we are all of these titles (in some form and fashion) and much more.  I made a list the other day and wow.  Talk about a spiritual resume/CV.  Some of the words may even be foreign/seem extreme to another who feels, enlightened.   Continue reading

What is my Divine Plan??


Have you asked yourself this?  I have. It’s like asking, what is my purpose?  If you’re not careful, you can drive yourself crazy trying to figure this out. For some, the answer comes easily. For others, this question burns in them. It can become their mission. Continue reading

The 2012-2015 Wave of Healers and Teachers


As I meditated, I could feel a united group of healers and teachers.  A new group, like the graduating class of 2015.  These past three years have not always been easy in Earth school yet now I feel an excitement. Continue reading

Seeing… Eye to Eye

I hadn’t used this expression in forever, yet I thought it was a good one.  Over the past week, I had two encounters that were important and I realized the other party and I weren’t seeing, eye to eye.  We were not on the same page.  With one of them, we weren’t even in the same book.  When this happens, it would be easy to either get frustrated or just walk away.  In reality though, this moment is a great opportunity.  It is a lesson.  A lesson on human relations.  We do have a choice.  What caused me to pause this time was I knew the Universe would bring it back to me in a different form if I didn’t take the time to learn from it now.  It had presented itself for a reason. Continue reading