High Vibe AND Sustaining Vocation

It’s been a while since I’ve written on, money.  In the past, often enough.  I could feel the theme stir in December (yet let go) and definitely again this month.  December can be a time of wanting or naturally doing more (travel, gifts, donations, etc.) and January potentially feeling the reality/pinch of doing things from the heart.  Or now having new ideas/energy yet the cost may seem prohibitive/risky.  In the past I’ve chosen to write on the topic… Continue reading

Our Authentic Self


I seem to forget that when a gate/anew opens it’s so quiet at first.  At times it’s like this for a day or two.  I share this since I often feel the excitement before/as it opens and well… I am ready for that excitement, too, lol.  Kid at heart.  Continue reading

Fast Moving Energy

There seems to be some fast moving energy in the air so… let’s use it to our advantage.  One can connect in meditation (and just about anything can become a meditative practice) to assist in letting go/clearing and feeling the incoming joy… the ease/knowing that is also right here and now. Continue reading