a moment

I have numerous posts just about ready to go yet… I pause as none of them feel right in this moment.  Many possibilities energy wise, so no way to cover it all.  We have everything from “death”/what feels like death/sadness to twin flame to wanting to know what’s next and how does one make peace with the unknown/now.  Continue reading

I’m going to do something…

Even if it’s wrong!

Yup.  That’s what my 80 year old mum-in-law said to me some time ago.  It cracked me up.  She said it confidently and with a sparkle for life in her eyes.  It sounded like an invitation to actually get into a little trouble.  Where did she get this saying?  I’m not sure, yet, I’m reminded of her advise. At times we need to try something, different. Do… just about anything.  There are no mistakes so, see what happens.  It’s great to be alive.  Be alive.



Moment for Life

Oh where to start. Where has this week gone? This year. What? It’s almost May? Haha. I just came in from outside where it’s dense fog and lightening here.  No rain.  I can’t say I’ve ever seen this combination.  Interesting?  Yes!  If you follow my blog, I often wrote on fog a year ago.  Fog is to be enjoyed yet a sign to go slow and be vigilant.  Lightening… power.  With five planets in retrograde, wowzers!  And today was.

Spirit will raise you up so high you are certain you’ve been given wings. It will also humble your ass right down.  I was driving and this Nicki Minaj song came on the radio. Continue reading