Lightworkers & Suicide, Part II

I started this post a year ago yet it fell into the draft folder/abyss.  Oh there are so many topics one can write on and often some just don’t get published.  Yet when I went to glance at my year-end blogging stats, I was reminded and a bit surprised to see a post I wrote some time ago on this topic ended up being #1 this year.  Out of hundreds of (much more upbeat) posts/moments, lightworkers and suicide…?  Wow.  While some might just be doing some light reading…    An honest answer though – this very much can be a real feeling/thought/step in the journey that can slowly grow, linger, come and go or sneak up out of no where… and be down right consuming/scary.  So…  Continue reading

LOE or Love…

colorful hearts with geometric pattern, vector

Well, it’s both.  Just checking-in so this will be short loves.  There was an interesting energy last night… it felt like a tense discussion in another place.  I’ve felt this energy before… several times.  I had a great day so this did cause me to pause and wonder.  I often feel energy yet can’t always get the story/message/scoop.  Spirit is crystal clear with me often enough so I don’t overthink these moments.  Continue reading