Anchoring in, home.


Oh loves and lights!  A powerful moment/energy exchange and then I could feel the re-set.  I do hope others are experiencing, too.  Often for me they come in the random/everyday moments and even more often in meditation/still points.  So to feel/experience and not be in a meditative state (per say) was sublime.  Like a reunion and Heaven on Earth moment.  While we’re always, home… anchoring in, more.  I then spent an evening reviewing some past notes.  Interesting as I wasn’t drawn to pushing ahead.  Continue reading

Unconditional Love

There was a stage in this journey where I received messages and lessons on… love.  And not just love… unconditional love.  Can I say that I had no idea.  A grown adult and no clue.  It’s been one of many gifts this journey has given.  The messages faded and on to other topics/lessons.  While it did change me, at that time I knew I was no Mother Teresa and couldn’t imagine naturally being that kind of love to all and, all of the time.  It is love without borders.  Really there are no words to describe. Continue reading

Message from Spirit: Caregiver or Give Care… to a parent who didn’t understand you.


At times I pause as I start to write. I know that I am a channel and to pass along information. A perspective and I know that there are many. So this topic felt a bit, taboo since I was raised and do believe in caring for our elders. Yet it was brought to my attention that many in the spiritual healing arena are of an age where they will be called upon to provide care for their parents or an extended family member. And many of these healers became healers through being birthed to parents and families who did not believe in or care to understand healing and what they might refer to as, woo woo spiritual matters. It was their role to stay asleep. The experiences though, that a healer endured and survived, can range from a general misunderstanding to outright abuse. For some, they had to learn from the confusing, I love you yet I will also hurt you. If you’re reading this, you know that love shouldn’t hurt. Continue reading