Waiting on a paycheck from Spirit/God/The Universe?  Well…

This past week I’ve watched a few telecasts and they all spoke on, money.  How fitting since it’s that time of year – the holidays. Many of us have life lessons with money… or should I say, abundance/giving and receiving/being provided for. Continue reading

Fear Not


I have a fear.  So how do I get to, fear not?  Because I know that this fear is not me.  I brought this fear though, with me, into this life.  I’ve had it all my life.  It’s manifested in different ways over the decades.  While I’ll tell you mine, just fill in your own. Continue reading

Anxiety Attack… Soul vs. Mind and Body


Let me say first, I am not a licensed therapist or an expert on anxiety disorders.  But when certain situations come into my life, I am a writer so that’s what I do.  Recently I’ve been looking at anxiety attacks as a way that your soul will get your attention.  I think a bit extreme but us humans can be stubborn.  Our amazing body and soul will find a way to give us a sign when we are off track.  Heed the warning. Continue reading