Come OUT of the Spiritual Closet


Trust me!  I write on this because I know it.  I’ve lived it.  And… honestly, I still have my struggles, challenges… moments.  ENOUGH!  How else are we going to create change?  This is what we came here to do. Continue reading

Which part of the path am I on?


So you decided to start walking the spiritual path. You read the brief summary of what you might encounter. It interested you. Now you might be pausing and questioning if you are still on the right path. Well, yes you are.  Not all sections are on a paved road. Continue reading

Helpful Words and Parallel Lives

The past few nights I’ve awoken to my heart racing yet no thoughts. During the day, I’ve also felt large waves of energy to the point I’ve had to sit down (like a pregnant lady) and honor them. I’ve tried to ground myself and that seems to help… a bit. Oh the old me would not believe in what I do now. Continue reading