Working with Hurricane Energy

I work/play/ponder on whatever’s in my energy.  While there’s multiple energies/experiences running now, I seem to be following the hurricane theme.  At first I wasn’t going to write on this yet quickly realized I am not the only lightworker who’s potentially watching, wondering or even triggered by the treat … (oh an interesting typo) threat of a potential landfall.  Continue reading

Patience and Patterns and…


Good morning lights and loves.  How is everyone doing?  I will share that I awoke on the wrong foot… soul?  Hmm and after two weeks of being in Blissville 100% perfect.  See, haha, no one is exempt.  It seems as if some work/clearing is indeed happening.  I know that this can quickly be remedied (we have unlimited choices/options) yet all moments in this journey happen for a reason.  Allow, honor and choose wisely.  There are times we need to see/feel some things in a different way.  It’s one of many ways we use our gifts of free will, alchemy and Mastery.  So note what is stirring in your head and heart.  You will be guided as to what you might do about it.  Or you might just do something perfect right now.

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