I now feel like I am understanding these first four months of 2017.  Better later than never, lol.  So NOT what I thought at the end of 2016.  We’d done so much work last year, my mind was certain instant manifestations and pow-boom-bam would be happening for many.  And for some, it has.  For a group of us though, we’ve been knowing yet a bit perplexed.  I smile though… as I am happy for all of this. Continue reading



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I often get on a roll writing. I can’t help myself. So it was interesting to take a break for just a few days. It was a pause and I knew I could easily dive right back in yet, there seemed to be this extra  s p a c e  and empathize on the pause. While I could have ignored it, I knew to honor it. Hmm… How did I wish to re-emerge?  To start again?  Did I even wish to write… at all?  In a world of unlimited possibilities, opportunities and experiences… maybe I’ve blogged enough. Maybe it’s time to do something, different… new. Some of you know me though (and how much I love to write) so this example is just relaying how BIG the energies/shifts are right now. Continue reading

This isn’t your momma’s spirituality

I’m cleaning out my writing folder.  I wonder if other bloggers are like me.  I seem to have several articles I’ve started but… then stop.  So I wrote this a few months ago.


I started my spiritual journey years ago. My Aunt encouraged me to read books by Carolyn Myss and Christie Northrup. Then I meet a friend who took me to the Edgar Casey library. Years later, I was introduced to Esther (Abraham) Hicks via a CD a co-worker lent me.  And the journey continued. Continue reading

Can you be patient with the process?


I love the saying, trust the process. This in itself has been a test for me. I will say it’s gotten easier as I continue my journey. Patience… well, I’d trained myself to be efficient and fast. Having patience was not part of this equation.  So this has been another trait to unlearn.  There is no time or the pressure that it imposes.  I know… Continue reading