What do you choose?

I went on a beach walk yesterday.  The beach/ocean/water… well, Mother Nature in general is often my teacher.  I picked up this simple shell.  Many ignore gray/black shells but it just means they have history; been under for longer.  I could see and feel where the shell could have ended – where it might have just been a small shell.  Yet somehow it continued to grow.  It might have also been from another shell laying on it and the pressure in the depths of the ocean.  All symbolic.  We are uniquely formed by our experiences. Continue reading



Okay Loves, how are you doing?

For days now I’ve felt, heavy. Not in mood just a bit irritable in my own skin or like I’m walking through wet concreate and willing and needing to take a nap. All of this is not like me. I laid in meditation and it felt like all of my chakra’s had… stopped. Yikes! What is going on? Spirit isn’t even whispering to me. Really, everything is all good. So I think I’m holding verse being on hold. No news is good news.  Anchoring what feels like a mother load of new, yet very unknown (to my mind) energy. Continue reading

My 2020 Spiritual Vision

We name everything!  Our brains demand it.  So as a new blogger, what did I wish to name my blog?  I could have spent weeks thinking about it.  Instead, I choice action and was done in about 20 minutes.  At first, it seemed all the names I wanted were taken but I knew I could find my own unique address in the sky.  Really the name isn’t that important but the energy that I will place here is.

I was born with a lazy eye… a stigmatism.  I’ve worn glasses since I was in pre-school and for a year, I wore a patch over my stronger eye in attempt to strengthen my weaker one.  Now, I just look back at the symbolism.  I’ve learned that any weakness can be a wonderful strength.  It’s what makes us special (in the best kind of way) and a part of the duality and mosaic of live.

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