Free Will

Oh it’s been a while since I’ve written on free will yet it does seem important now.  Like, what do you truly love?  What brings you joy?  And peace?  For many this may be a new time of using the gift of free will/choice and blending it even more into your life and journey.  Like often and up until this point, many of the stages/process’s we have needed…  Continue reading

And the music continues

Lady-in-the-Harp-Optical-IllusionI know I wrote I’d be writing less but…   And I know I mentioned I didn’t need to mention the energy but

I’ve seemed to catch up, been reset and fallen back in love with much.  Yesterday was a day of spreading the love.  I am going to be pacing myself and seem to already know there will be times I’ll be sharing as usual and times I will be quieter as I pull in or start new ways in my reality.  And I have my teen team who I’ll be playing with these next several weeks.  Honestly, that’s the priority.  Family first AND embodiment… well, let’s just say I seem to be undergoing some significant changes and I haven’t found the right word(s) yet to label it.

So this is just a quick check-in.  Continue reading

Being… spiritually grounded

Several years ago, I heard the word, “grounded.”  I immediately wanted to laugh since I associated this word with my teenage years and the occurrences of me being grounded – which did limit my freedom.  So when another asked me if I grounded myself daily, I hesitated.  What did this mean?  And how do you do this? Continue reading