The Universe is Self-tuning.

Oh there’s a special/dreamy/gentle/healing energy in the air at I write this.  And after a rock bottom planetary K of almost 5 days (10/17 – 21) followed by electron flux’s to clean us up… we’ll take it!  While peace and ease can be a constant… for many of us, it’s also been very dynamic.

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Hold on


Oh so much to potentially write on yet am also letting go of some of the bigger stuff.  Simple really is best.  So let’s see what get’s typed up.  To start, this weekend pulse for many is… TOUGH.  Physically.  Mentally.  Emotionally.  A reality.  Hopefully not all combined but quite possible.  One might be feeling in the heart, gut, mind, lower back… body.  Rest… breath… stretch.  Self-care/love is a must.  This will pass yet it may feel all consuming. Continue reading

Sending Love


This Adele song seems to be the song for the day.  This version is beautiful, more acapella.  Today might be a personal housekeeping (clearing) day. Getting you ready for the next adventure.  So… time to let go of those ghosts.  It might be an ex or a bad memory or just something that isn’t serving you any longer. Feel it.  If your ready… if your ready.  I think you are!  Honor your process and let go if you can.  I AM sending love to you.  Continue reading