Your calling

Hello Loves and Lights!  How are we doing??  It’s flowing/pulsing so I’m writing.  This seems to be a time to listen… observe… and to be patient.  Ha… as this is not always our strong suite – we know/remember/are able to do so much.  While today marks the new year, I’d noted a message about the new moon, new us, etc.  A new cycle of completion.  Ahh… so about two more weeks.  Know that I hold this loosely as every moment in this journey is special.  New ways will be calling/surfacing yet from my experience, they can at times also be easy to miss.  Be sure to stay tuned and dialed in.  Continue reading



Oh several themes running… and one of them would be that action/movement = action/movement.  And this is a good thing.  On this journey there are times to keep things simple and go slow and do no thing.  And there are times to get moving… even if you’re not sure.  To do something and see what unfolds. Continue reading

Wave after powerful Wave

The past few days have been amazing sunrises and sets.  I’ve been getting lost in the moments… yet, I am far from lost.  I feel as if I have never been more right on.  It’s as if the Universe has been speaking to me/us in these moments.  They are powerful, profound… yet not all will understand.  The other evening I was overcome with such a sense of knowing and peace… Continue reading

Shattered Ego


This seems to be a story within a story. I first need to write on what lead up to my ego shattering moment. I was thinking about the lightworkers (although we all are) I know. Some only casually and others very well. They really do get it and many are peppy, devoted and driven. I smile when I think of them. Continue reading



You are your purpose.  You centered, balanced, rested, healthy, happy, loved, whole.  How else are you going to live… and help… and play… and be happy?  You need to know that your work is not more important than your purpose.  Your work should not run you… push you… exhaust you.  Be what you want.  Be your purpose; You.  Amazing you!

What is my Divine Plan??


Have you asked yourself this?  I have. It’s like asking, what is my purpose?  If you’re not careful, you can drive yourself crazy trying to figure this out. For some, the answer comes easily. For others, this question burns in them. It can become their mission. Continue reading