Please explain…


I awoke with my (spirit team) of cheerleaders.  Firecracker, firecracker, boom boom boom.  I can’t say my mind and body was ready for the early morning enthusiasm, lol.  A lot of heart/higher heart pressure this morning and this can manifest in many ways.  For me it feels like excitement.  I smile.  Continue reading



A few weeks ago I felt a shift happening for me.  A new process.  I’ve read much, heard much and written much yet, the past few weeks all of it was being questioned.  Do you really believe that?  Again and again this was now the question.  And I can’t tell you how many times I found myself saying, I don’t.  Wait… seriously… because I was actually saying that to some of my own core beliefs, ways and foundation.  The very foundation Spirit had helped me build – a process in itself.  Continue reading

Questions that might assist in discernment


I post this with some hesitation since usually the Divine will come to you (in dreams, quiet whispers and signs) with what you need to know. Meditation can also be a great time to be open to receiving guidance. I’ve often found though, that asking the right question does show that you are ready, curious and/or trying to understanding a life lesson. Therefore Spirit will find a way to deliver the answer. Continue reading