All good


Short and sweet.  Our higher/future self may be quite busy right now.  One may need more sleep.  It may feel like an upgrade or the milder releases or, a review period.  It may also (continue) to seem quiet although I will say the a-ha’s don’t stop.  One may just realize quite a few things during this time.  It does feel as if an unknown step was slipped in.  This alone can be a test/challenge… or just a moment.  Part of this journey is total acceptance of whatever one may experience.  Knowing and trusting that it is for your good, the highest good for all.  Continue reading

Hallowed be


This will be short and sweet.  I awoke thinking about, reverence.  Respect.  Seeing everything as sacred and perfect.  You will walk slower and appreciate more.  This Halloween weekend for some is an energy receiving/upgrading weekend.  A pause.  Continue reading