Flip Book Clearing


Well, I went to bed and I’m back up.  At times with the incoming full moon, I seem to sleep less.  A full moon will bring things to light.  As I stood outside, I smiled.  It’s beautiful – nothing scary.  At this point, as many of us who’ve been riding along on this awakening wave for months/years, I think just about everyone is at a slightly different place.  For me, the past several days have been good… yet they seem as if time is standing still.    Continue reading

Three Common Awakening Questions


Why is (my personal) ascension happening so   s – l – o – w – l – y ??!!

It seems slow to you, in this lifetime, yet you just don’t remember how many lifetimes you’ve been working on this. You underestimate the changes you are making, how quickly and… its ripple effect in other timelines. You might feel you can do this faster, yet the changes that are also going on inside… often so subtle you might not even realize, are a lot for one body to process.  Ascension is not a sprint to the finish line.  Stop and smell the roses.

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