Multicultural Spirituality, Next Level

When you google multicultural spirituality, it seems to go hand-in-hand with religion yet, this post isn’t about religion.  More so about love, sharing and seeing the next level.  So interesting the thoughts one comes back two… lol, too.  I remember some time ago writing on why are so many of the Ascended Master’s portrayed as white/olive tone and seeing a niche for more African-American/other ethnicities in the spiritual artwork realm.  While I may have been born… Continue reading

Finding your RAY


How is everybody doing?  I hardly slept last night – this energy.  I was tired yet…   I awoke and a storm was rolling through.  As I stood in my living room, this was my view from the front window and then I turned around and looked out the patio door to see this view.

Like day and night.  I chuckled.  How fitting.  Hello blue skies and bye bye dark clouds.  Things can change in a second.

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Soul Shine vs. S.A.D.


I’ve known about Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) for over a decade now.  Each winter, for a few weeks, I’d notice a melancholy feeling.  My summer tan was long gone and my surrounding often looked gray without the burst of fall or spring colors.  I just wasn’t as happy or peppy.  Was I addicted to the sun? Continue reading