Let LOVE be the seat of your soul


From last post. This was the picture (yet I forgot to add it or… maybe not).  It is a great picture and reminder.  So let’s continue to keep this simple souls – KISS.  I found it on a quiet beach that I used to walk and play at.  It was a surprise to find it one day.  So large and at such a remote spot.  Serendipity 🙂  And The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav and The Heart of the Soul by Gary Zukav and Linda Francis also great reads!   I’d also bet you have your own place/picture/reminder.  You placed it there for you to find, a reminder.  This is a scavenger hunt. So savor and place yourself in the middle of it… what you love.   Energy/vibration = energy/vibration. Continue reading