Transparent Vision


I have known for some time that my stronger skill is hearing Spirit.  I do though often see quick visions.  At times in grayscale, others color.  At times they’d be fuzzy yet I’d know.  Only a handful of time in my life though have they lasted more than a few seconds.  In the past year, Spirt has been highlighting certain things so I know to pay attention.  It’s like looking at a line up of items yet one of them has a glow around it.  Continue reading

5D in the Air

Tips on seeing 5D.

Today feels heavenly and that’s what 5D is.  It’s been here awhile yet at times it stands out more for me than others.  Today is one of them.  I will say I find it harder to see/feel in the city yet it’s everywhere.  The colors are brighter/crisp and it just feel… good.  It’s as if a filter has been removed. Continue reading