LOE or Love…

colorful hearts with geometric pattern, vector

Well, it’s both.  Just checking-in so this will be short loves.  There was an interesting energy last night… it felt like a tense discussion in another place.  I’ve felt this energy before… several times.  I had a great day so this did cause me to pause and wonder.  I often feel energy yet can’t always get the story/message/scoop.  Spirit is crystal clear with me often enough so I don’t overthink these moments.  Continue reading



I’m staring at my laptop. It’s downloaded a new update and is now, processing… Yep, still processing. I’m just chuckling. I’ve often felt this on my journey.

The spiritual journey is just that, a journey. Some fast and straight stretches and some long and winding roads and a few kiss your backside curves. There are scenic view overlooks, rest stops and pit stops. At times, there are what seems like wrong turns, detours and unexpected maintenance. Continue reading