I was quickly walking into the kitchen as I had an agenda this morning and was stopped in my tracks as my eyes meet this dawn sky.  It had been dark just a minute before.  So I couldn’t grab my camera fast enough and wasn’t sure it would capture what I was seeing… let alone feeling.  There’s a 5-10 minute window here most mornings where the sky pops.  No filter needed since the pinks, blues and at times fire colors came out on their own.  It gets me every time.  I often ask others if they saw the sky/sunrise yet many seem to miss it.  It’s often how I start my day – a beautiful and inspiring reminder. Continue reading

Finding… myself?


I unpacked a box today that I pack away several years ago when I left my home and career. I’ve been… sort of, in transit since then. On the top where numerous pairs of professional shoes. Several pairs I tossed to the side remembering that I really didn’t like them. They just weren’t comfortable. Continue reading

Holding Space


Holding space is a term used in the spiritual and metaphysical world and a part of the spiritual journey.  At times, when life seems unsure, before that next door opens, or if you are processing a life event or lesson, you just need to get neutral and allow time and space to happen.  Whatever needs to surface, will.  Whatever needs to happen, will.  Holding space can happen as quickly as the two seconds it takes to make an intention and then cup your hands to symbolize you allow the space for it to work out.  You trust and believe.  You can also hold positive space at any point in your day just to raise your energy quickly.  Try it.  I’ve often heard the term used by Lightworkers.  They hold the light, the positive energy here on earth.  I believe many do this without even knowing it. Continue reading

Here’s your sign!

signI do love signs.  Growing up, I trained myself to look for them.  Long before Garmin’s, on a long road trip, they would let me know how many miles I had to go and which exit to take.  As I enter a building, a sign will let me know where to go.  Yet, as I grew into an adult, no one taught me how to look for the less obvious signs.  Actually, now I think they are the more important signs.  The Universe does provide them all around us but often we just don’t see them. Continue reading