You are blessed!


My internet connection had been a bit slower so I called the service provider.¬†I can be¬†old school at times remembering life with no internet – I will survive.¬† I also know when it slows down or goes out, it’s for a reason/reminder.¬† So as I talked to the tech, she pulled my account and apologized for me not having service at all yesterday.¬† Well…¬† I had it all day.¬† She then insisted that my specific area had none (the hub was down).¬† She seemed amazed yet then joyful and repeatedly said, “How blessed are you.”¬† I started laughing.¬† This phone call had nothing to do with my internet speed.¬† It was about connecting and the reminder.¬† How blessed are you!¬† Continue reading


I actually wasn’t going to blog today¬†realizing I always blog on Monday but…¬† (I do believe change is good and at times you need to shake things up.)¬† So don’t you love reading the well thought out posts where it all flows so nicely?¬† Haha, this probably wouldn’t be one of them.¬†¬†Just passing along a few things. Continue reading

Are caterpillars blind?

Basically, yes.¬† I didn’t know this until now though.¬† I was outside standing in the sun.¬† I was determined to make a fresh, new, peppy youtube (it’s been a while since I tried) yet… nothing came.¬† Nothing.¬† Gheez, many of you know me – I can write and write.¬† I have thoughts, lol.¬†¬† No video today though.¬† Continue reading

Trusting Your Higher-Self


Surfing the Universe by artist, Elena Khomoutova @

Okay. I’m pausing already and I haven’t even started to write. This is not like me but I need to take a breath… and make sure I get my words write… oh, right.

I’ve learned so much from channeling.  It is a gift… a skill… and I learn as I go. Continue reading