Being… of sound mind and body…


is a very good thing.¬† ūüôā¬† ‚̧

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Sound, Light & Hz (Homework)

Often enough something I don’t completely understand comes into my energy.¬† I’ve been gifted a healthy (verses strong) mind and wish to¬†remember and relay.¬† At times though as I start to research in the here and now, the science part gets too… much.¬† One does have to balance the left side/info with the right side/Spirit/simple.¬† Continue reading

Where the wave runs backwards

A few years ago in channeling I heard these words.¬† As I reviewed my notes, I paused and wondered.¬† What did this mean?¬† As I pondered, I then thought of a rip curl.¬† Yikes.¬† I mean we were talking ocean waves, right?¬†¬† And… sure enough¬†into the “water” I went.¬† One can play in shallow water but it wasn’t long.¬† Many of us¬†went deeper.¬† And sure enough, a rip curl.¬† Many had¬†some acknowledgment, wondering if we’d¬†survive.¬† You can’t fight a rip curl.¬† You have to relax, know and go with it.¬† Swim out of it.¬† And we did. Continue reading