Wow and not sure where to start.  The past 24 hours… well… so much is available!  The 11/11 Portal is WIDE OPEN.  And the time shift seems to also signify a larger shift.  We will not be falling back though.  We are LEAPING forward.  This is not one more hour in the dark, it’s time to shine!  Even if you don’t channel or hear messages, remain open.  Now might be your time. Continue reading

The Core


I wrote this late last night and honestly I was a bit, heavy.  While I’m all about floating, love and light (and this will continue), there are moments on this journey that as you make a passage, you do carry some weight.  Until, in your own way, you just… let go.  You have to be willing to freefall into an energy that feels ahead of your time… because it is.  Yet, you will quickly catch up.  Continue reading

God verses Source


Years ago I received a sentence in channeling.  It was, “We sent you God because you believed in him.”  I found this word choice interesting.  At the time, I couldn’t tell anyone I was having frequent conversations with (not praying to) God.  I was raised in the church and did believe in God.  I still do.  I also now believe in a lot of things. Continue reading

Everything is backwards


One of my first channeled messages was, “Everything is backwards.” I didn’t understand what this meant but I wrote it down. And years later, this simple statement has been demonstrated to me again and again.

I was skimming through online articles last night.  I was guided and started reading this article where I read: Continue reading

A Spiritual Reset


I was going back through my pictures and remembered the day I found this on one of my beach walks.  I’ve found just about everything over the years but this was a first.  I could see the symbolism.  There have been times I’ve felt cut off from the, “source”.  The power cord had somehow been yanked and I was out there floating in the ocean of life.  I’ve referred to these times as, spiritual lulls.  I do know the reasons and benefits but until you understand this, they can cause a mild panic.  While our Guides might change or get quiet at times, we are never cut off from our source – our inner knowing.  On the day that I found this, it was my reminder that I needed to connect and re-set. Continue reading