Love Your Life


Years ago my brother gave me a ring.  Inscribed, it says, love the life you live.  So simple.  I’ve worn this ring since the day he gave it to me yet I only really look at it on occasion.  When I do, I pause and truly think about these simple words.

If I told you that your life was PERFECT in this very moment, would you believe it?  Or are you already laughing?  If it is, well, you can stop reading here, lol. But if it’s not perfect, amazing, superb, better than you ever thought or dreamed, then read on. Continue reading

I AM a writer… good speller, well…

If you would have told me a few years ago I’d become a writer… I wouldn’t have believed this.  I would have been thinking back.  Back to my elementary school days when I was called upon to read out loud and I could feel the terror in my body.  The humiliation was about to start as I stumbled to pronounce the words and as my classmates stared at me and giggled.  I had a learning disability and reading and writing did not come easy to me. Continue reading

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

YBR (1)

As a child, I watched, The Wizard of Oz once a year when it came on TV and it was a big deal.  I hadn’t seen it in years… maybe decades.  Now, I was seeing it through a different lens.  I found this a lesson in itself.  Our signs are there but are we seeing them?  Do we ever take a moment to pause and discern.  Question… learn… evolve?

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