Being prepared


Yes, many are feeling integrations… or (continuing in) clearing work.  For some it may seem ho-hum/quiet/uncertain – just do the best (or bold) as one can.  Years ago Spirit advised, work what’s been given… and now may be one of those times.  Honoring whatever is and if one’s ready, utilizing all that is within reach; keeping our creative/healing energy flowing…   Continue reading

Oh Snap


Yes, I’m in a joking mode.  Gheez we take awakening/ascending/a spiritual journey so serious, like a good and loyal student.  It can definitely at times click us into our mind.  Yes, it is important, an honor and our birthright.  And we need to loosen up, too.  As time rolls on, I seem to notice certain patterns.  How my body responds to the incoming energy so I thought I’d share.  Continue reading