meta morphosis


Oh really I don’t even need to write… the word alone could describe the energy of now some may be feeling.   It really is a time to pause, pull in and allow.  The old… what we were and what is coming into form are two very different things. Continue reading

Nothing is by mistake


I believe everything happens for a reason.  I also believe nothing is by coincidence.  We don’t always understand the why or significance.  I seem to get a very strong energy/knowing and to pass this along.  The right person will find it. 🙂  If your reading this, I share the following: Continue reading

Thoughts of Suicide or Past Life Clearing??


Most are not comfortable with the word, suicide. For this article when I use the word, I’m referring to suicide, an attempt and thoughts of attempting. Hopefully you haven’t had this experience (energy) brought to you but the reality is, this is a part of life.  So to start, see how you feel, in your body, as you start to read this article. As I started to type, I got a knot in my stomach. It’s just not an easy topic and I wasn’t even sure I wanted to write about it. Continue reading