What do the charts mean??

Years ago I noticed some of these charts in online groups with a few likes. There was often little to no explanation and, I had no clue. Yet then I noticed when I was having a particularly high… low… odd or surreal day, these charts seemed to surface.  So… Continue reading

Planetary K and Gamma and… the Spiritual Journey?

I started this post over a month ago yet then it got long/complicated… way too much. It was the process… and it still is since I really don’t know much more (definitively) than when I started.  Oops, spoiler alert but humor me and read on. Continue reading

Finding your RAY


How is everybody doing?  I hardly slept last night – this energy.  I was tired yet…   I awoke and a storm was rolling through.  As I stood in my living room, this was my view from the front window and then I turned around and looked out the patio door to see this view.

Like day and night.  I chuckled.  How fitting.  Hello blue skies and bye bye dark clouds.  Things can change in a second.

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December wondering

Hello Angels and Loves.  The energy is… espresso.  For me, on my journey, it’s helped to see that another was (or had) a similar experience.  It made me feel a bit more normal – haha, whatever that is.  I remember the years when I couldn’t always find the connection/reassurance yet remained open and stuck with my journey. Continue reading