Okay Kiddoes’!  These are very interesting times indeed.  This 11/11, full super moon… real time, NOW experience…  I know that whatever I AM experiencing is also a vibration of a larger group.  So as usual, this post does not cover, all – just a perspective.  This can be a weekend for anchoring, upgrading, reunions and bliss.  Yet, for many it’s a weekend to work through something, big.  It might be politics, a personal/family tragedy, a natural disaster… it can be anything.  This seems to be a time to balance, all.  Both the experience (3D/your reality) and all that you know/have learned/become.  And then to pull in the, new. Continue reading



On a roll.  I write when it flows.  There was something I needed to surrender today.  Trust that my word choice means something.  Let go = let go.  Literally.  Drop it, slam dunk it, donate it, send it on its way… with a smile.  It can be easy and quick.  Forget about it (with accent).  I do understand at times easier said than done.  Detachment = be neutral.  It’s not that you don’t care, it’s just best to remain very open.  Surrender = S……  something is about to get real up in here, lol.  It is like a knee dropping moment.  It is not defeat.  Far from it.  It is a very divine and special moment.  You came here to have these moments.  Knowing that you have done the absolute best you could and you are to hand it over to Spirit/God/Source/The Universe. Continue reading

Push or… pause?


I wrote this not to long ago.  I also, then, hesitated to post it.  I once heard if you can’t explain a concept in a few words, you still didn’t understand it.  I do believe this is true.   Some articles though are written to take a reader on a journey of remembrance and that’s can’t always be done in just a few words.  When a reader can settle into an article and open their heart and mind to find their truth, discernment starts and epiphanies can follow.  I seem to often write posts about finding a balance and this seems to be one of them.  I also know that this is just a perceptive and acknowledgement of my experience and remembrance.  As I was re-reading it, I could feel my mind already having newer thoughts; forever changing.  So here we go as I hit the publish button.

Continue reading

The art of letting go


Many of us are problem solvers, helpers and servers.  When we hear, let go, it seems to go against our nature and the way our brain have been wired.  Letting go sounds passive… which can be a good thing.  It sounds like we… do nothing.  Sometimes this is the case.  It sounds too easy.  Yes, it can be this simple.  So it confuses our ego and mind.  Continue reading

When hope runs out… remember…


I grew up aligning to words like faith, hope and love.  When life got tough, I thought of my faith, had hope and believed in love and miracles.  This was enough.  But what do you do when hope isn’t enough?  When you’re not sure what your faith is (anymore).  When you haven’t been feeling the love.  What do you do when life has been challenging for too long?  What do you do when hope runs out and despair sets in? Continue reading