Pi and Phi

Often my role is not necessarily to explain yet just to mention and open up energy.  If you read along here, it’s often for the story, general sharing and unlimited possibilities.  One can do their own homework/exploration/discernment.  😉  So just noting on pi and phi as it can/does tie perfectly into a spiritual journey. Continue reading

Mystic, Music and More

And on a different and hopefully lighter note… just a quick check-in.  Oh hasn’t this been an interesting month?  We may have another energy dip now/in the next 48-72 hrs.  In emotions, physically or in situations/reality.  Do not get disheartened.  Smile, breathe and remember.  It can pass in minutes verses having to work through that energy.  Shift, shift, shift!  Find a happy thought, listen to music, laugh with a friend, do something nice or silly.  An even bigger energy is incoming.  Many will be seeing their next step.  It may come in messages, reality and oh get ready for synchronies!  Love those. Continue reading

Chance of Synchronicity


Call it luck, chance or synchronicity… the dial seems to be set on high!  There does seem to be times where more, happen.  Mine have definitely been coming as a heads up in emails.  What seems unrelated and then within hours… Bam!  At times the exact same wording or situation.  So heads up because they are happening.  The Universe is constantly mirroring/providing signs/reminding us. Continue reading

Wild Geese

For me, this is how the Universe works.

I love to start my day with a cup of coffee on the front porch. I haven’t checked my email and I try not to allow my mind to whirl up a to-do list. Often it’s quiet and I can quickly connect with the birds, trees and sky around me, feeling part shaman. I have a notebook and I just see if anything comes to me. I give the Universe the first opportunity to prime my day. Continue reading

Here’s your sign!

signI do love signs.  Growing up, I trained myself to look for them.  Long before Garmin’s, on a long road trip, they would let me know how many miles I had to go and which exit to take.  As I enter a building, a sign will let me know where to go.  Yet, as I grew into an adult, no one taught me how to look for the less obvious signs.  Actually, now I think they are the more important signs.  The Universe does provide them all around us but often we just don’t see them. Continue reading