Adolescence and the Spiritual Journey

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A year and a half ago I posted on the 2020 Souls and have actually been thinking on reblogging it as I’ve recently been reminded both personally and collectively numerous times of our youth and teens as spiritual beings.  Much of those words/messages I received then do seem to apply to amazing souls who are here now.  While much of our youth is thriving/feeling supported/loved and in their knowing and perfection… some are struggling quite a bit.  It’s as if this now energy has indeed affected and awoken many.  Continue reading

Expanding Heart


I usually post several times a week here on wordpress but I might also be posting more on facebook since I’m feeling that I’ll have shorter messages/updates that need to go out and more frequent. So we’ll just see how this all plays out. I can feel BIG energy yet I’m being reminded to, go slow. This is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. I do know this is my, stepping up. What I wondered months ago is now happening naturally – awesome! For all of those who follow, I thank you. Continue reading