Quantum jumps ahead

The past 24 hours have been quiet… peaceful… well, at least for me.  For the hard core spiritual seeker/ascender, these pauses can confuse the mind.  Thinking it knows what’s next or… wondering what’s, wrong.  Ha… nothing.  This is when we rest, heal, enjoy, do what we love, observe, tidy up any little (or big) messes, etc.  For many this was a full and special day.  Yet for some… well, I’ll share that… Continue reading

Letting go of… TIME


I’m being held in an energy. Time doesn’t matter. This blissful feeling does. For a few weeks now as I write, when I reference time  (this morning, last night, years ago, etc.)  the words seem to be highlighted. It’s as if I’m to delete all the references to it. I know all is happening now and time is an Earth thing, yet I’ve been so trained and conditioned. Continue reading