Wolf Power Animal


This lightworker has been assigned/remebered a power animal.  And, just in time with the full moon solstice.  Perfect.  I’ve had dreams of a wolf before.  Honestly I was at a distance and afraid.  Now, I was being inspected as a human and so was the wolf.  Continue reading

When bad turns good, really good.


As I walked out the door, I asked for magic. I got, serendipity!  A stop at a small local festival and tucked in the back was a family owned animal rehab.  I once had a dream an eagle landed on my arm.  It was vivid and powerful and… I wasn’t afraid.  Seriously an eagle has talons and when one is flying towards you can feel pretty small and possibly like prey.   Really though, these picture capture me, my nature and… a bit of a walk on the wild side. 🙂 Continue reading